You can open the box, decorated with crystals, with a single smooth click on the button. At the same time, 7 branches are opened, creating a world of your luxuriousness. Dividing the internal space allows you to find quickly the necessary decoration. To close the box, just lower the lid, and all the parts will come together.



Material Eco friendly plywood
Movement Mechanical
Assembly Without glue
Assembly Self
Quantity of parts 192
Model size, l*w*h* 6.5*5.12*3.94 in


(165*130*100 mm)

Packing size, l*w*h* 7.28*14.27*1.37 in


(185*365*35 mm)

Complexity of assembly Medium
Assembly time 4-6 hours
Weight of the model in package 2,34 lb (1.062 kg)
Recommended Age 14+

Treasure Box with Swarovski Crystals