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Tips for building . . .

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Sharing a few tips to make building a bit easier:

1) Remove pieces carefully. While all pieces are pre-cut, some may need a little push to come out. Use the KEY piece to push the pieces out carefully to prevent breakage.

2) If pieces do not slide together easily, use wax on the piece to help it slide together. A small piece of wax is included in the box or just use a candle and rub the piece on the wax to allow it to slide into place.

3) Waxing all of the gears also helps with the movement of the puzzle.

4) Use nail clippers to cut the toothpicks. A quick snap allows a clean cut and less pressure on the building of the model.

Hope these little tips help you build easier and allow your puzzle to get up and go!

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